New Cover For Prequel To Voices

After working on the new cover for hours and into the wee morning, I’m here to reveal the new cover for The Angel She Loved  – Prequel To Voices

Thank you for your unending support.


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Rainy Sunday

The book signing yesterday was successful, although I wish my co-author could be there. Her mother-in-law passed away earlier this week and the funeral was yesterday. Sending thoughts and prayers her way.

I want to thank all who came to support me. To my two colleagues, Thank You for coming. To my friends in Lincoln, THANK  YOU. You guys are my rock. Thank you isn’t enough to convey what I feel inside. To my editor, Connie, thank you for introducing yourself. It was nice to finally put a face to a name:) To Annabelle, Thank you for accompanying me the whole time.

Now, with all the urgency gone, I am contemplating on either writing the sequel to Voices, Prince of Banyan or Secret Wish series. After procrastinating, I decided I need to bring the Voices back. I have a few people asking for sequels.

As I logged into Pinterest, I saw a Keep Calm poster: Keep Calm and Love London. I went to YouTube and looked for I love London by Tommy Page. Brought back memories. I do love London. You would too!

Have a beautiful Sunday to all.


PS/ Please NO ice tomorrow…..


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Prince of Banyan

Finally, more than a decade old story is being shared with the world. This story was first written one decade before Mama’s Little Shadow was born. So this book is dedicated to him and my older sister for she’s my first source of inspiration to become a writer. And I add my dearest Lane to the list as this book was published on the 6th year anniversary he crossed the Rainbow Bridge.

A little background about this book:

I remember writing this story in my room the old traditional way – via pen and paper. At the time, the movie Titanic was a big hit. And this book had been kept hidden all these years.
Then a few years ago, I decided to type up the story. It was first edited by Don Mueller when I decided to publish it but he only managed to edit the first few chapters. So it stayed hidden on my laptop for a long while. Then this year, I decided it is time to bring this book back to light. I turned to my older sister, Veronica, to edit it. And voila, this book is done. The cover is created  by Cora Graphics. She’s a gem.

Here’s my last adult fiction the year of 2014: Prince of Banyan – Island X



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Book Signing November 22

Book Signing at Wild Hare Cafe / Horsefeathers  at 104 Governors Oglesby Street, Elkhart, IL /on  November 22, 2014 / from  10am-1pm. Come and say Hello:)


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Midsummer’s Eve Wish

Finally, the wait is over!

Midsummer’s Eve Wish (The Secret Wish Series) is out.

Midsummer’s Eve Wish (The Secret Wish Series) Kindle version


Midsummer's Eve Wish












Be careful what you wish for…

When Elizabeth Rose wishes to do something different for her eighteenth birthday, she’s in for the biggest surprise of her life. It starts on Midsummer’s Eve night when she kisses a daffodil and makes a wish to meet her one true love. At the stroke of midnight, she awakes to the sound of thunder and meets Kiefer of Caledrel, Prince of the Light Elves, who has a secret wish of his own. He takes her to a world beyond her imagination where Fairies, Garden Imps, Dwarves, and Elves are real, and the magic of Midsummer’s Eve does exist.

Will each of their Midsummer’s Eve wish come true? Or will they have to wait another lifetime?

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