Old Memories

I was listening to The Last Goodbye by Billy Boyd while writing sequel to Voices: Enchanted Voices (title is tentative). It was a fitting song for this chapter I was writing. It was about erasing old memories… Well, I can’t tell much more or else it will be a spoiler :)  Just remember this song when you read that chapter…. and my own mind wanders to the old memory…

Is it possible for an old memory to haunt someone to the point of being defenseless?

Is it possible for the memory to bring someone down to their knees?

Is it possible for the one memory to shatter one’s heart?

Is it possible for the memory to empower one’s soul?

Yes, it is all possible… The memories of you haunts me, invades my soul, breaks my spirits…

Yes, the old memories of you…


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Flash Food – Pray For Sarawak

Another day, another tragedy… Am asking for all to say a prayer for Sarawak. It has been raining non-stop and flash flood is hitting the state hard.
To all family and friends, stay strong! My thoughts and prayers are with all of you.

I know this is short. But my mind is in complete disarray. I know worrying about something that is way beyond me is useless, so please keep my homeland in your thoughts and prayers.



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Apai Shoppe

It has been a while since I posted anything here. So, let me begin by saying : Happy 2015! Thank  you for your support in the past year and hopefully it continues throughout the year.

After a long discussion with family members and friends, I have decided to start an online shop called Apai Shoppe in honor of my father for his creativity that he passed along to us, his children. Very soon in the future, I am hoping to start a ‘real’ shop where you can come and say Hello in person and perhaps shake Apai’s hand:) Until then, please support me on Facebook and Pinterest for Apai Shoppe. A website for Apai Shoppe is coming soon.

Various homemade products (felt crafts, decoupage, needlecraft, various others) are available for viewing/purchase including my own books. I am also planning to attend some baking classes. Another passion of mine besides writing. Am hoping I can find the time to do it all :) But there’s a wise saying: If there’s a will, there’s a way.  So with this strong will in my heart and your support, I can do this!

So, here’s introducing you to Apai Shoppe!









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New Cover For Prequel To Voices

After working on the new cover for hours and into the wee morning, I’m here to reveal the new cover for The Angel She Loved  – Prequel To Voices

Thank you for your unending support.


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Rainy Sunday

The book signing yesterday was successful, although I wish my co-author could be there. Her mother-in-law passed away earlier this week and the funeral was yesterday. Sending thoughts and prayers her way.

I want to thank all who came to support me. To my two colleagues, Thank You for coming. To my friends in Lincoln, THANK  YOU. You guys are my rock. Thank you isn’t enough to convey what I feel inside. To my editor, Connie, thank you for introducing yourself. It was nice to finally put a face to a name:) To Annabelle, Thank you for accompanying me the whole time.

Now, with all the urgency gone, I am contemplating on either writing the sequel to Voices, Prince of Banyan or Secret Wish series. After procrastinating, I decided I need to bring the Voices back. I have a few people asking for sequels.

As I logged into Pinterest, I saw a Keep Calm poster: Keep Calm and Love London. I went to YouTube and looked for I love London by Tommy Page. Brought back memories. I do love London. You would too!

Have a beautiful Sunday to all.


PS/ Please NO ice tomorrow…..


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