Addicted to 24!

Haiku : 24

Eyes glued to the screen
Heart raced, skipped, stopped all at once
Thanks to Jack Bauer

Yesterday, as soon as I woke up, instead of writing, I watched 24 all day!!!! Finished Season 2. I am starting to call this show Evil 24:) In a good way. It’s very addicting and I can’t sleep. Time flew and I didn’t eat until late last night. Too lazy to cook (to those who know me, this doesn’t come as a surprise), I microwaved a cup of Ramen noodle soup and I was back to Jack Bauer:) Gotta love that guy!

Now that Sunday’s here and that means I have to back to reality world tomorrow, I am slowing down and start to write again. Do some editing on my Prequel to Voices. My friend David Terrace edited Chapter 1 and 2 so far. Waiting for the rest. At the same time, watching old series Leverage since I finished watching Burn Notice :(

I am thinking of writing new Voices series. But my brain is not working so well at the moment. Too many things to do and so little time. Mais c’est la vie!

To the passengers of MH17, Rest In Peace
To all family and friends, My Deepest Sympathy.




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Juggling Shapes With Lane And Shelby

The weekend is here…. Meaning Ireny is at work all over again :)

Prequel to Voices is still in editing mode. Since I’m waiting for my editor to do his magic, I decided to work on Land and Sea series. This is the new creation by Kathy and me. Title is still tentative.

The book is filled with colorful picture of shapes with a dog or a cat.

The dogs are: Lane, Shelby, Cinder, Spaz, and Sadie.

The cat is one and only Patches.

Right now, I am just waiting for Kathy to write her Author’s Note and I need to do the same. Once done, this book will be published.

Thank you once again for the support.

A sneak preview of Juggling Shapes with Lane and Shelby:


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A Prequel To Voices

July 4th, 2014

First of all, Happy Fourth of July to fellow Americans!  Enjoy the long weekend. Be safe. Stay safe.

Its wee hours in the morning and I am finally done with the cover for The Angel She Loved – Prequel To Voices. Here’s the sneak preview. More details to follow.

For now: Good Night from Ireny.

Prequel to Voices
















July 1st, 2014:

First of all, Happy Canada Day.

Secondly, Prequel to Voices is on its way. I know it’s late and I need to get some shut eye. I just want to share this piece of news first. A title has been chosen: The Angel She Loved: Prequel to Voices.

I’ve picked the cover and although I am aiming for July 4th to celebrate US Independence Day for publication date, I don’t think it will happen. I am also glad to announce that David Terrace, my kind website host, will also be my editor for this book. I finished 17K words as of tonight. But that’s the first draft. I will sleep on it and dream on it and I am sure it will grow or decrease by tomorrow. And again, as promised this ebook will be FREE.

So, now, I shall bid you a Good Night.

June 28th, 2014

After receiving a nice message from a reader about Voices, it gives me the satisfaction and realization as to why I decided to be an author. I work full time and hide myself in solitary whenever time allows so I can weave a story.

I am thinking of writing a prequel to Voices. Of course I turned to my fellow writers. One of them decided it would be a great idea to write a prequel and make that story free. I totally agreed, but couldn’t come up with a title. So, we played around with titles and it would be simply: A Prequel To Voices. I’m not sure if i want to add: A story of Elrenia Kitrusen and Andrew Gritt. I will make that decision when the time comes. Right now, I have to come up with a story. I was playing with the idea all night and decided to let my fingers do the talking… typing I mean.

In the meantime, so many things happened. Not so happy event. I would keep my fingers crossed and pray for the best. I surrender it all to God.

Have a blessed weekend.




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Irene – in Sami

I was talking to a Swedish friend and he told me about the famous Midsummer celebration. I googled the festive and read that Midsummer is the time when magic is strongest. Ireny loves magic… My mind already wanders at the thought of magic. And when I read about some of the rituals, I came up with a love story in my head. But after talking to my writing pals, I have come to conclusion I mustn’t attempt any romance/love story under my name :) Guess, if I did decide to take my chance in that genre, it shall be written under a pseudonym. For now, let’s just say it’s still playing in my head.

But while doing some research, my friend suggested I check out Sami in Sweden. I learned a lot about the Sami that I shamefully said I didn’t know existed. I listened to some of the folk musics and saw my name. Of course, I have to listen to it. It’s BEAUTIFUL! My fascination for the Scandinavian world deepens.

Sofia Jannok sang a song about Irene. I don’t know what it’s about but how can anything with my name go wrong, right? Here’s the YouTube link to the song. I hope you like it as much as I do. Enjoy.


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Happy Summer

Today is the first day of Summer. So, Happy Summer to all!

Today, I am also guest-hosting a release party for an author friend on Facebook. She has just released her new Sonnie Sky! Come and say Hello! I will be hosting at 4:30 Central US Time. Click on the picture below or you can go to my Facebook page and click on the link there. See you there!


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