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Have a FANTASTIC day!



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A Prisoner

Today you creep into my head
..Flooding through my veins
….Stripping the barrier around my heart
……I fought as you tear down the walls
……..Hot tears crawling down my face

……..Today, the bitter truth prevails
……Never can I forget you
….Neither have I moved on
..Forever I shall be
A prisoner of the memory of you

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Saturday 4.0

This weekend is a historical moment in the county of Malaysia. With so many conflicting views, it’s hard to know where the country stands in a whole. In the end, this question remains: Is the government of the people, by the people, for the people?

The answer can only be answered by the people of Malaysia. The truth lies in the hearts of true Malaysians.

I wish, hope, and pray for peace in the country and all around the world. The truth shall set you free, so we’ve been told. May the light of truth and peace guide us all to the one true goal called Love – Love of the people, Love by the people, Love for the people

Peace… and Love…


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Salami The Snail

Hello All,

Today, I’d like to introduce a new character in my writing world called Salami The Snail. Before I share more about Salami, I’d like to introduce a new writer Gregory Scott. Gregory Scott created Salami The Snail and I am simply a humble co-author to push him along. I look forward to this new chapter and see where it will take both of us.

So, here’s Salami The Snail. The title of our first book is still not set in stone, but it will have something to do with Pizza:)

Have a great week ahead.

From Ireny and Gregory Scott and of course Salami The Snail :)


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I sit down in front of my laptop, my fingers on the keyboard, but my mind is not co-operating.

All I can think of is HOME. But… Where is it?

People say Home is where the Heart is…
But what do I do when I don’t know where my Heart is
Where my Heart wants to be… Where my Heart wants to call Home…
So, what now? Where is this so-called Home?
This answer…. my Heart does not know…

So… HOME… Where are YOU?




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