First Snow

To those who know me well… You know what my first words would be…

Anyway, to have a positive mind, I hold my head up high and let it fall on my face.

Since my plan for today has been canceled, I looked at my old haikus/cinquains and found this. With November coming to an end…

Sweet November

Do you remember
That Sweet November

When all was wrong
And nothing was right
You came along
And made it bright

Do you remember
That Sweet November

My night was bleak
And your morning was weak
Yet with each other
We make it better

Do you remember
That Sweet November

I was here and you were there
Yet Our love brings us together…

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Magnificent Voices

After months and months of writing/editing/illustrating, this book is finally here! So THANK YOU to all who stand by me through this roller-coaster ride of my life.

Thank you to Connie Butts for editing my monstrous book. I truly appreciate your input!!

And of course to all my author friends, THANK YOU!

Magnificent Voices




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The Voice

I have been a fan to the show The Voice and this season blew my mind away!! Thank you, Jordan Smith. You are the Unicorn!

I will let you be the judge:)



One Word: W O W !!!

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Cold Saturday

As I was writing sequel to Prince of Banyan, I was listening to the songs on my iTunes. Yes, that’s the only Apple thing I have on my laptop. And this song I Bloom Blaum by Coldplay came on. I stopped writing… After more than ten years, I am still haunted and hanging on… to nothingness…

Have a warm Saturday… may I feel the warmth in my heart one Saturday soon…

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October Veentage

Hello All,

Today… In fact this month is going to be a rough sailing for me. My Cardinals are playing the arch-rival Cubs. We won one game and they won one. I am sitting on edge and can’t watch any more game… Until we win or they lose :) It’s nerve-racking.

So I’m focusing my mind on my new projects. I have completed Voices sequel: The Magnificent Voices. It’s right now with Connie Butts, my editor. I am currently writing sequel to Prince of Banyan – Lucent Island.

I’m also working on a new project with my sister. It’s crafty… I admit that’s not my strong suit, but I must get myself involved somehow:) A website will be coming soon. It will portray handmade crafts under labels: Veentage and d’I-Zone. I am going to get involved with jewelry making. As if I don’t have enough on my plate at the moment… But I have to dig into my crafty side:) If it’s a success, I shall be joining on a full time basis… So fingers crossed. No worries, I will not stop writing. That’s still my one true passion.

So I hope you will give me the support I need in my new venture as much as you have supported me in my writing world. Thank You. I couldn’t have done this without each and every one of you.


A sneak preview of handmade crafts:

Veentage Tote owlpouch



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