Last night, I didn’t know why I thought about the four letter word. I don’t wait to be a part of it anymore. But somehow, I created this board on Pinterest: All About Love

And these few pins spoke to me…









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Sunday Post

The heart is still broken with the defeat of St Louis Cardinals. But no matter what, I still love you, Cards.

Today, I decided to work on my new Voices series… For now, the title is: The Enchanted Voices.

Off I go now to my Imagination cave and dream… Come on, Imagination, do your magic.

Happy Sunday All.

Irene by TobyMac

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The Dawn After

All right, it’s the weekend and Ireny is off to her second job…. pecking away on the laptop.

I have sent Midsummer’s Eve Wish to my Connie Butts, my editor. I am now working on Prince of Banyan (The Dawn After series) and if nothing changes, my elder sister Veronica will be my editor. And the book is dedicated to her and my Little Shadow.

Also, Kathy and I are going to have a book signing in November. More info to follow. Am off with my pals to our annual Spoon River Scenic Drive bright and early tomorrow.

Have a nice weekend.


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Red October

The Cardinals are going to the Playoffs again this year. Although the last year’s nightmare was still haunting me, I believe my dearest Cardinals will conquer it all this year. “Fikirkan Boleh” came to mind. This was my friends and my motto in the last year of high school. It doesn’t sound right when translated directly from the Malay language. So the next best thing is: Think You Can! And yes, We CAN!

So, to St Louis Cardinals, Thank You for another awesome October.

Go Cards!

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Midsummer’s Eve Wish

Finally, I am done typing and editing Midsummer’s Eve Wish. It’s now on its way to my editor, Connie Butts. I also have decided to keep the title Midsummer’s Eve Wish (Magic Wish Duology)

I am happy the long wait (for myself) is over. I am now focusing on Prince of Banyan and I really need to write a new Voices series. Now, if only TIME would co-operate :)

Nonetheless, this is a good weekend. Have a great week ahead.


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