Like a fish out of water
I can’t breathe
Like a butterfly with its wings torn off
I can’t survive

That’s how I’d describe the past few weeks. I truly believe internet is not an accessory. It’s a necessity! I didn’t realize how much I depend on it for my writing. Without it… Doom is my research… Doom is my life… OK, that’s a little too dramatic, but pretty close :)

Talking about writing… I am now working on Midsummer’s Eve Wish book. Title is not set in stone yet. I am hoping to get the sequel (Midwinter’s Eve) done before November 22, the date I will have my book signing. But I know I am pushing it. There just isn’t enough hours in one day… A girl can wish, can’t she? :)

All right. It’s very very late. Time for beddy-bye.

Have a great weekend, All!


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The Angel She Loved – Prequel To Voices

What a week… I am still struggling with my internet. No WiFi is a punishment to me as an author. It’s not a luxury but a necessity. As I am using the data on my phone, I can’t be online much. Again, I apologized in advance.

But on a happy note, the wait is finally over. To celebrate Malaysia’s Independence Day and US Labor Day, I am thrilled to announce that The Angel She Loved – Prequel To Voices is available now in Smashwords for FREE.

Grab your copy and kindly leave a review once you read it. Enjoy! Once the ebooks are available in Nook and iTunes, I will price match with Kindle to make it free as well. Thank you for your patience. I must confess it was hard to write the Prequel as I am not an author for romance/love story. So, I apologized in advance. Voices is not a romance novel, but the Prequel gives a good perspective as to how it all started.

I would like to thank David Terrace for editing the first two chapters and Connie Butts for editing the rest of them.

Have a great weekend.

Prequel to Voices

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Juggling Shapes With Lane And Shelby

Yes, I have been busy working on my books. This is the newest creation in Land And Sea / Lane and Shelby series: Juggling Shapes With Lane And Shelby by Kathy Kesner and me.

Juggling Shapes













This book is now available in ebook and prints:



Print: Amazon

Thank you for the endless support. Have a nice weekend.





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One Fun Day In The Australian Bush

Finally… the wait is over.

One Fun Day

















One Fun Day In The Australian Bush is now available in ebook.

Grab your copy:)



Amazon (Print) will be available very soon!

Thank you for the support!



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Weekend Rising

Here’s a short and simple version of my weekend activities:

A time for Mind wandering
A time for Soul soaring
A time for Heart curling
A time for Body spiraling
A time for Fingers racing

That’s how I sum up my weekend!

Happy Sunday. Have a great week ahead.



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