After months of endless dreams and nightmares, book II of Prince of Banyan – Lucent Island is finally out.

Prince of Banyan - Lucent Island

Can a human soul survive the invisible force in Lucent Island?

After her friends, Seth and Lucy, go missing on Island X, Kathleen Bernard’s world come crushing down. Until the mysterious Prince of Banyan materializes with assurance of hope.

Knowing the enigmatic Timothy Williams sends out Sadie, his faithful Guardian to the Netherworld, Prince of Banyan calls upon the release of the Keepers to Lucent Island. He must find Seth and Lucy before Sadie returns and stop Kathleen from heading to Lucent Island, the forbidden land that fills with ominous spells and enchantments.

Can Prince of Banyan find Seth and Lucy before it’s too late? How far will he and the Keepers go to save the humans? Are they willing to sacrifice their own souls in exchange for the humans’ lives?