123 is really Kathy’s little baby. I am just along for the ride of this big adventure. So, all writing credits should be given to my friend, Kathy Kesner.

Here, I will catch a glimpse or two or three of this 123 book from The Land And Sea series.

Let’s get started, Ready. . . 123:)


Little Miss One is having some fun

Bouncing 1 ball outside in the sun

She’ll watch it bounce up, she’ll watch it bounce down

With a smile on her face – never a frown.



Here we have Two who like things in pairs

Like pant legs and shoes and the arms of a chair

The seats on the seesaw he rides at the park

The things God told Noah to put in the ark.



Look at Miss Three sitting under a tree

She’s counting her kittens: One, Two, and Three

They frolic and play in the grass and the flowers

First hide and then seek – they do it for hours.


* * * * * * * * * * *

123 From Land And Sea is available in paperbacks and ebooks:

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And here’s a book trailer you can watch. Hope you enjoy it!