ABC From Land And Sea

ABC From Land And Sea

ABC From Land And Sea started when a friend of mine, Keirse Knight, asked me to look at his poetry. It inspired me to write and the book was born. I wouldn’t have been able to finish it without the talent of my co-author, Kathy Kesner. If you or your child smile, it was thanks to her:)

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Here, I will share with you some pages of the book.


I’m the most diligent of my kind, I’d say

I work very hard night and day

I’ll stop and help a friend along the way

I’m determined and loyal come what may



In the pretty garden and sky so blue

Tiny wings flutter through and through

Dancing, waltzing like bumble bees do

Lively, jolly, and bubbly, too




I meow for food

I meow for drink

I meow for affection

Or so you think!

Watch the book trailer on YouTube:


  1. dennis

    glad to have your book:) my son Noel loves it so much. He likes the colour of the animals. It’s fun to read your book to him too.

    • Ireny

      I am sooo glad Noel loved it:)

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