Learning The Opposites

Learning The Opposites At The Library With Lane And Shelby is the fourth book of the Land And Sea series.

Another journey of sleepless nights and Gimp-ing in creating this book. In the end, it brings a smile to my face. I would like to thank each and every one of you for your support!

This book is dedicated to the local library that has supported Kathy and I all these years. So, to Mr. Richard Sumrall and all the staff of Lincoln Public Library: THANK  YOU!

Here’s a description :

Learning The Opposites At The Library is the fourth book of our Land And Sea series. Here, your children can learn the opposites such as Top/Bottom, In/Out, Quiet/Loud, Sit/Stand, Above/Below, Tall/Short, Big/Small, Asleep/Awake, Over/Under, Empty/Full, First/Last, and Day/Night as they visit the library with Lane and Shelby. Each page has cute animal pictures along with a whimsical four-line rhyme featuring each set of opposites. As you flip through the pages, this book will definitely bring smiles to your child’s face and yours as you read about the two dogs adventures with opposites at the library.

Where can you buy this book:


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Here’s a short preview of what’s inside:

Laugh and Learn with Lane and Shelby

It’s twice the fun, with two you’ll see.

They’ll help you learn your opposites

At the Public Library.





 The BOTTOM of the stairs

Is where they’ll start the day

Running to the TOP

They get there without delay.