Jasmine & Scotty

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In celebration of St. Louis Cardinal epic performance of Game One of NLCS, I present you my newest creation just in time for October 31st: Jasmine Lane’s Crazy Halloween! With the great suggestion of my editor, co-author, and my good friend, Kathy Kesner, I’ve decided to change the title from Jasmine Lane’s Spooky Halloween to Jasmine Lane’s Crazy Halloween. This story was indeed CRAZY and bizarre 🙂


A short synopsis:

Jasmine Lane’s Crazy Halloween is not your typical spooky Halloween story, but filled with fun and wonderful adventure for both young and old alike. This story is a prequel to Jasmine Lane’s Enchanted Christmas. It described how the adventure of Jasmine Lane all started. It begins with Scotty Knight, Jasmine’s best friend, eating a giant marshmallow eyeball with a hidden map inside. They find themselves in the craziest and most bizarre adventure where candy corn can fly, animals can talk, and a cute, friendly troll. They also discover the true meaning of friendship where a group of children from The Village risk their lives to fight a group of wolf-like pack called Sreegallas to help Jasmine and Scotty find their way home.