Jasmine & Scotty

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Jasmine Lane is thrilled when Christmas Eve comes. It’s also her sweet sixteen, her coming of age birthday. Her morning starts with a mysterious package, delivered by an unknown man. Her day grows weirder when her parents seem to have forgotten her birthday. As she arrives at The Hall, where they celebrate Christmas Eve every year, she tries to hide how hurt she feels. Everything changes when her parents and the whole neighborhood of Lincolnshire throw her a surprise party. On top of it, Scotty Knight, her childhood best friend, appears at the party as well. Since it’s her birthday, she gets to pick the first gift from a pile of presents. She chooses a small box that contains a beautiful snow globe. When Scotty shakes it, both of them tumble into a secret world of witches, Nooms and Nus creatures, and old friends they met a decade ago. As they try to find their way home, Jasmine and Scotty embark on an enchanted journey, filled with lot of adventures, chills, and thrills.