One Fun Day

One Fun Day In The Australian Bush was the idea by my Aussie friend Brendon Aaron Wynd. This book was inspired by the birth of his daughter, Kourtney-Ann. His oldest daughter, Jemma Anne Wynd illustrated both cover and illustrations throughout the book. She is one talented girl. I look forward to working with her in the future.

One Fun Day In The Australian Bush is about the animals that you can find in the Land Down Under. I learned a lot about the great land while writing this book. It was a fun adventure and again, I look forward to more books in the future with both Brendon and Jemma.

Here’s a short description about this book:

One Fun Day In The Australian Bush is about six children who go on an adventure in the great Australian Bush. Join the children as they encounter many kinds of wild life. There are a lot of cute and fury animals and also different bird species. Each animal is featured in colorful drawing and accompanied by beautiful rhymes. This book will both educate and entertain you and your child about animals and the magnificent Australian Bush.

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