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About Voices:

First and foremost: Voices is a work of fiction! The work of my wild imagination. All the characters are NOT real. All the locations are correct in names only. The description is NOT real or accurate. If there’s any resemblance, I apologize!

A little history piece:

Voices was birthed in February, 2008. With the help of my fellow writers at Critique Circle, I perfected Voices (although there’s no such thing as perfect! Seriously:)) and entered 2008 CNW/FFWA Florida State Writing Competition in the Novel Chapter Unpublished and Voices Chapter One won 5th Honorable Mention. For me, that’s as good as GOLD:)















  1. Glenda

    Voices fascinated me from word one. I enjoyed reading it through all of its early incarnations. I recommend everyone read it.

  2. Ireny

    Thank you so much, Glenda:) I really appreciate it:)

  3. dennis

    You are a born writter Irene. Keep it up. cant wait to have your Voices!

    • Ireny

      Thank you Dennis:) Glad you liked it;)

  4. S


    Elrenia is a wonderful piece of this fiction.

    She can put a big smile on my face.

    • Ireny

      Thank you sooo much:) It means a world to me coming from you:)

  5. Chrissy Peebles

    We’re definitely looking forward to the sequel. Thanks for writing such awesome books. And Congrats on winning that award! That is so awesome!

    • Ireny

      Thank you! You are the Queen of Zombies:) I can’t wait to read all your books!

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