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Do you believe in Voices?

Do you believe in Guardian Angels?

Do you believe in Fate…

Elrenia Kitrusen moves to Chicago to start her new life, believing Andrew Gritt doesn’t love her anymore. Then an unexpected email from an old friend, Laci Lane, turns her world upside down: Andrew still loves her but he is getting married… Mixed of raw emotions: Anger, Jealousy, Confusion, and the Old Feeling of Love attack Elrenia and she is dead to confront Andrew, demanding answers on his wedding day. Fifty-five hours before the big day, Elrenia goes to the airport, but Three Voices scream out a warning not to board the plane. Shaken, Elrenia relays the warning to Marshall Maxwell, an FBI agent, the only passenger yet to board and she finds herself in the middle of a cat-and-mouse chase between an atypical group of individuals and a cold-blooded killer that will stop at nothing until all of them are dead.

Will the Voices keep Elrenia safe long enough to help defeat the killer and confront Andrew?

Or will she die trying?