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There’s nothing more beautiful than the way the ocean refuses to stop kissing the shoreline, no matter how many times it’s sent away.” – Sarah Kay

When Elrenia Kitrusen celebrates the first day of summer at the beach, she doesn’t expect her life to be changed forever. Andrew Gritt, the picture-perfect surfer, not only saves her day, but becomes her Angel.

A week later, Elrenia and Andrew meet again at a birthday party. During a Game Finale of fighting Zombies in the Forgotten Forest, a bond is formed between them. Although it’s just a game, the Voices send out warnings to Elrenia whenever danger lurks around the corner. Through the Voices, Elrenia saves Andrew multiple times. After spending the night in the attic, magic sparks fly, and they become inseparable. Yet, three years later, Elrenia moves to Chicago and receives shattering news that Andrew is marrying another.

Will Elrenia be like the persistent ocean in pursuing her Angel? Or will she give up and watch him go from the shoreline?

A little history about The Angel She Loved – Prequel To Voices:

The Angel She Loved – Prequel To Voices gives you an overview about Voices, to answer some questions as to what Voices is all about.

A friendly reminder: Voices is not a romance novel. The Angel She Loved has some sweet, clean love story but no heavy romance. Grab your FREE copy from many major ebook retailers.

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