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This is the fourth book in the Voices series. Magnificent Voices was inspired by everything supernatural, and filled with fantasy. If you enjoy the element of paranormal and everything out of this world, grab a copy of Magnificent Voices.

A little about Magnificent Voices:

When a mind reader tries to kidnap Jane Doe from the Seventh Foundation, another mind reader and an FBI agent turn to Elrenia Kitrusen for help. To lessen the risks for the kidnappers to find Jane Doe, a mind manipulator erases memories of Elrenia from their minds. Elrenia’s normal life comes to an abrupt end, and the heavy burden to save Jane Doe lies on her shoulders. Elrenia finds herself in a war with a group of killing machines and a powerful mind exploiter. Elrenia relies on the Voices more than ever not only to protect Jane Doe, but to keep herself and the people she loves alive.

As an ominous supernatural force besieges Elrenia and her friends, the Voices are put to the ultimate test to break the deadly spell.