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This is the third book in the Voices series. This book was inspired and dedicated to a good friend of mine, Erin Eskra. Her love for animals is so deep, that everyone she meets can feel it. Her two dogs that I had the privilege to meet and became friends with were Hercules and Bubba.

Hercules was a handsome white German Shepherd and Bubba is a pure bred Pit Bull. They were both very loving.  And I know they learn it from their beloved owner, Erin.

Silent Voices: Blurb

When the FBI’s trail runs cold during a high profile kidnapping, the father of the missing children asks an elite group to take over the case. Elrenia Kitrusen relies on Voices only she can hear to warn her of danger as she assists a mind reader and a dog whisperer from the Seven Foundation to find the victims. Elrenia’s Voices grow uncommonly silent when the search leads them to an exotic hunting ground filled with danger, mystery, and a definite taste of the unknown where they become both hunter and the hunted.

As they uncover treachery and a sinister plot, Elrenia and her friends put their individual gifts to the ultimate test just to stay alive.